Lawyers are an important element in, but never the sole component of the litigation process.

This has never been truer than in today’s world, when litigation has become prohibitively expensive in many jurisdictions in the world, particularly in the UK. Somehow the bitter pill needs to be made easier to swallow.

Our philosophy is to look at the circumstance of each case on its own merits - not just the legal merits but also the commercial reality. How much is the client willing to invest in making a recovery or defending a claim? What assets will be available in the event of success? Might the client require assistance by way of funding in order to share the risk? Would the client prefer to trade the debt for some peace of mind?

These are some of the questions which need to be addressed, and we have found that clients when presented with these kinds of options are often interested in sharing some of the “pain” of being involved in a litigation or recovery process, and with the assistance of our litigation funders, an innovative solution can often be found.

Of course the “pain” can, and in our view often should also be shared by the lawyer. With conditional fees now being part of the legal landscape, one solution or part of a solution to the funding problem can be for clients to retain their lawyers on a conditional fee basis. We recognise that this is a facility which will often be attractive for clients.