Birch Reynardson & Co is a law firm with a very particular philosophy. We provide the highest quality legal services to our clients worldwide. The majority of our clients are involved in the business of international trade, investment and natural resources.

Our founder, Tom Birch Reynardson, has recognized that there is an increasing demand for a new approach to litigation and arbitration in London. In order to deliver a service which is acceptable to clients including those who fund litigation costs, it is necessary to maintain a low cost base, to seek “fast track” approaches to dispute resolution, to use untraditional, perhaps unconventional ways of resolving disputes, and to consider methods of funding litigation which relieve the client from some or all of the financial pain of taking a case to court or arbitration.

Many of these “new” approaches to litigation would have been prohibited in England not so long ago. With the freeing up of the English legal market in the past few years, new opportunities are available for claimants, funders and lawyers. Law firms need to be able to adapt to the new legal climate, and we believe that we have the flexibility and innovative approach to do so.

Unusually for a law firm we have the support of several entrepreneurial businesses who are involved in asset identification, forensic accounting, litigation funding and debt trading. These close links help us to put together innovative solutions to dispute resolution and asset recovery.